My takeaways from this season of The Block


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What a season it has been, all the Blockheads were very competitive this year. Some of them came in not really knowing what to expect and I think it was quite a shock for them when they realised just how hard it is to win. It’s easy for the people watching at home to say they could do better, but it’s a different story once you’re here putting in the long hours.

Sticks’ and Wombat’s renovations were a little bit too manly early on but they learned to soften things up in the end and I think they’ve done themselves proud.


Clint and Hannah got off to a rocky start with the whole tile issue, but they stuck it out and I’m happy to see how far these first-time renovators have come.

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Sarah and Jason left me scratching my head on more than a few occasions but they managed to turn it around towards the end. Their early stumbles might come back to bite them though.

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Ronnie and Georgia were extremely competitive from the very beginning and they proved time and again that they’re here to win.

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Josh and Elise just quietly went about their business, and showed they’ve got what it takes to win. I wouldn’t be surprised if they pulled it off.

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It’s anyone’s guess who will win at this point.


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