Backyards, one of my favourites


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The backyards are incredible. Some of them are going to put pools in, some of them might have a lot of trouble getting them in i.e. Ronnie and Georgia. But I love backyards, backyards are my thing. I love a barbie in the backyard. I’ve built about 300 backyards for people over the years in the old shows—Backyard Blitz. There’s too many to list a favourite I think, because they’ve all blended into one a bit, but I loved doing them. And the essential items are the barbecue, maybe the woodfire pizza oven—I like a woodfire barbecue and a woodfire pizza oven—and that doubles up as a fire pit that you can stand around. And I wouldn’t mind a bit of water in the backyard as well. We always love a swimming pool.


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Snow Challenge

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