First Challenge – Cubby Houses

Andy and Ben came back which is a bit of a punish for me cause they’re knuckleheads. And they came back and we had a lot of fun with that. And all the cubby houses have gotta go into the backyards so everybody’s gotta do a good job because th ... [read more]

My favourite past Block bedrooms

I think the soap and candle factory—the ground floor apartments, they're my favourite because of their high ceilings—and the challenge apartment, the Terazzo wall that’s been left in there with the high ceilings, that’s my favourite. Also ... [read more]

Take a tour around the new set at The Block HQ

We’ve got the five houses as our logo on the side there, which are sort of like the Ettamogah pub where they’re stretched out and they’re fanning out the five houses. And we’ve created a streetscape basically, that’s what this block ... [read more]

The budgets are out of control

Well, Jason and Sarah spent a ridiculous amount, and so did Hannah and Clint, and just about most of the couples spent too much money—except for maybe Sticks and Wombat, their budget came in alright. But some of the contestants spent the most m ... [read more]

Hannah & Clint’s bathroom disaster

Well, they’ve gotta sack their tiler. The only chance they’ve got is if I contact Fabian and try and get him to come and have a look at it and see if it can be repaired. I contacted my good mates at Beaumont and they are throwing in all th ... [read more]

Who is Alice Stolz?

Alice is the editor of Domain Magazine that goes into the papers, she is a real estate journalist, she knows the real estate market oh too well. She knows what the buyer’s looking for, she knows what buyer is in Elsternwick, and what the Elster ... [read more]

Everyone’s talking about pools already… Should they?

Well, some couples are talking about pools and they’re crazy because they don’t know how their budget is going to go, and some of them are spending too much money on their bathroom already. So, house number one is never going to be able to ... [read more]

5 things you should think about before starting on a bathroom reno

Over the years I’ve seen even our most seasoned Blockheads come undone during bathroom week. Given I’ve done more than a few bathrooms reno’s over the years I wanted to share with you 5 things everyone should think about before starting on a ... [read more]

Why we move The Block houses

A lot of you Blockaholics might be wondering why we move the houses for the show, so here’s a little explanation as to why we do it. Moving the houses is a great alternative to demolishing them, and I cut my teeth on those styles of homes— t ... [read more]