Follow the Build – Mudgee Part 16

Every bush house needs water tanks for all your water for the house but you now also need 25,000 litres purely designated for fire fighting. The two tanks at the house are for the house. The 40,000 litre tank at the shed is our designated fire ... [read more]


Old carpentry tools have been a passion of mine for years. This is a full set of hand moulding planes that I am planning to put on display in a touchy feely artwork at the farm. [scotty_sign] ... [read more]

Book Shelves

I always wanted a wall of books in one room, like a library room. So down to the workshop to knock them up. Veneered board with hardwood trim. A two tone bookshelf. I like them. [scotty_sign] ... [read more]


Nothing like getting free materials from the bush. The whole family got together. We got about 4 ute loads of reasonably flat river stones and bush rock and together as a team we paved the BBQ area with natural stone. It looks sensational. ... [read more]

Horse Riding

Getting around the bush on horseback is the only way to go. I love riding with the kids and dogs. [scotty_sign] ... [read more]

Follow the Build – Mudgee Part 15

This outdoor BBQ means a lot to the family. So that’s why we kept it and the deck and built the new house around it. All of our family memories have been around that fire. I laid 600 bricks to build it and the hot plate is a 8mm plate weighin ... [read more]

Lucas Mill

A few years ago I bought a Lucas Mill. It’s a portable saw mill which you build over the log. We head up the top of the mountain where there’s plenty of fallen or dead trees; stringy bark, red box, etc. I drag the barrel of the tree out in th ... [read more]

Dining Table

One of the greatest tools I have is a Lucas Mill (Google it). It’s a portable mill which you build over the fallen log. We had a nice tree unfortunately come down on the property, a white stringy bark gum. It’s timber is not used that much ... [read more]

The Mighty Sydney Roosters I'm a Bondi boy, so of course I love my Sydney Roosters. I grew up loving the Roosters from birth. My whole family goes for the chooks and my brother played for the Roosters in reserve grade in the seve ... [read more]