Scotty Cam Articles

Wrap up of studio week

Another massive week in terms of space. Three-car garage, it’s gotta be gyprocked and plastered and sparked, and all that sort of thing. Plus a massive bedroom, plus a walk-in-robe, plus an ensuite again. The thing I think is that those garages ... [read more]

Fire Pit

There’s nothing finer than cooking a meal in a fire pit. We did it in our normal wood fired barby so often that I decided to build a dedicated fire pit. I get the fire going about 3pm and keep burning fuel until about 6, then we’ve got a good ... [read more]

Backyards, one of my favourites

The backyards are incredible. Some of them are going to put pools in, some of them might have a lot of trouble getting them in i.e. Ronnie and Georgia. But I love backyards, backyards are my thing. I love a barbie in the backyard. I’ve built ab ... [read more]

Zyliss Classic Food Chopper A couple of weeks ago I did have a Zyliss sort of onion-puller thing which I struggled with a little bit. I found another gadget from Zyliss in the cupboard, I forgot about it, I've had it for like 10 year ... [read more]

Georgia’s brilliant idea

That was a brilliant idea from Georgia, and that’s what they like from contestants—they think outside the box and they save money. I mean, if someone else pays 5K for cabinetry and she buys a wardrobe for $50, it’s a smart way to go, and sh ... [read more]

Snow Challenge

This was a lot of fun. We were doing the bedrooms and, you know, it’s not a big room once you’ve done three rooms in one week, you’re only doing a bedroom. So, we took them off to the snow for two days to Mt. Buller, and we just put in a bi ... [read more]

Outdoor Barby Table

My saw mill has a slab cutter, so we slabbed up an old stringybark tree to make this bush table. It was just out the back under a tarp and it came up a treat. We’ve had 100’s of meals with family and friends at the bush dining table. ... [read more]

Hallway week

They always underestimate the size of the hallway, they think ‘Oh, this is going to be an easy week’, and it brings people unstuck every single year and this was no different. Everybody was working through the night in the end, thinking it wa ... [read more]

Challenge in Red Hill

It was a really lovely house. I think a holiday house, for me, I like it to be near the beach because you go on holidays and you want to walk to the beach and have a swim. And maybe a pool or something like that, so if I was going into a Stayz jo ... [read more]