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5 things you should think about before starting on a bathroom reno

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Over the years I’ve seen even our most seasoned Blockheads come undone during bathroom week.

Given I’ve done more than a few bathrooms reno’s over the years I wanted to share with you 5 things everyone should think about before starting on a bathroom reno…

  1. Have all your tradies in place, cause there’s a lot of trades involved in a bathroom reno.

  2. Make sure your waterproofing is 100% waterproof, and is authorised by a licensed water-proofer.


3. Plan your bathroom out well in advance so you know exactly where everything is going and making sure that you’ve got enough room to sit on the toilet, enough room to swing a cat in the shower.


4.Make sure your trades like your tiler are in play, which is very important. And make sure your tiler has come recommended as it’s very easy to muck up tiling, so make sure your tiler is a good one!


5. And most importantly – WATCH YOUR BUDGET!

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Follow the build – Mudgee Part 12


IMG_1641It’s always hard to choose tiles for the wet areas, so many choices at Beaumont’s but with the help of the girls there, I came up with some great ideas. I just hope Shayna, Neil and Darren don’t come over for a barbie. In the ensuite though, I did copy Brad and Dale’s winning bathroom from Fans v Favourites.

IMG_1648 IMG_1629 IMG_1643 IMG_1649


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