Spiral potato cutter


I’ve got a brand new gadget in the kitchen, which I saw a couple of years ago at the Easter Show and I absolutely love it.

To use the spiral potato cutter, peel a normal potato, stick a skewer through it (I got some timber skewers with my machine) and then wind the handle so the potato goes through the slicer. Keep going until you get right to the end and then carefully open up the potato along the skewer until you get a nice, long spiral.

To cook, you need some oil in a frying pan (always be careful when cooking with large amounts of oil), a deep pan works best here but don’t stress if you haven’t got one. Before you pop it in the frying pan, cut off one end of the skewer and then let it sit in the pan a couple of minutes until golden brown. Grab the potato spiral with some tongs and season it with a bit of salt, absolutely fantastic!


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